Over at Asia Sentinel their anonymous correspondent has an excellent article on Thai activist Chotisak Onsoong. He has been formally charged with lèse majesté for failing, last September, to stand during the royal anthem at a Bangkok cinema. This is one story that I expect every New Mandala reader will want to follow.

According to the article “…as far as lèse majesté cases go, Chotisak’s is more significant. Rather than involving politicians or foreigners, his case involves a Thai consciously rebelling against nationalist and royalist propaganda”.

Khun Chotisak is reportedly quite prepared to test the extent of the law and the stomach of the authorities in enforcing it. New Mandala will, of course, be watching developments closely. And we will not be alone.

Chotisak’s story has, over the past day, been picked up by The New York Times, The Times and China Post, among others. AFP and Reuters have both produced substantial reports. And I imagine this is just the beginning…