The ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute and the Temasek History Research Centre are presenting a series of publicly accessible lectures on the art and architecture of Southeast Asia.

This webinar series offers comprehensive introductory lectures in Archaeology and Art History of Southeast Asia with a focus on the pre-Modern to the Modern periods. Covering topics from major Southeast Asian land and maritime civilisations over the last 1000 years, these lectures will highlight the rich cultural heritage of ancient Southeast Asian societies. The archaeology component will cover the great civilisations and kingdoms such as Angkor, Dai Viet, Ayutthaya, Majapahit, and Malacca. It will provide a broad overview of the rise and dissolution of the major ancient powers in Southeast Asia and explain the interconnectedness of the region.

The art and architecture history component will address the material culture and technical knowledge of Southeast Asian societies. It will emphasise the specificities of ceramics, stone sculpture, textile and textile representation, bronze art, manuscript illuminations, as well as stone and wooden architecture productions and appreciation in the region. It will cover their circulation through trade and religious networks from the second millennium AD to the early 20th century with an emphasis on the Hindu and Buddhist civilisations, as well as the making of Islamicate material culture from the 13-15th centuries onwards.

This webinar series is designed for undergraduates engaged in Southeast Asia art history and archaeology curriculum as well as junior college or polytechnic students with interests in heritage and history. The series is also appropriate for educators and members of the public.

This webinar series is supported by Temasek Foundation.


This webinar series will be delivered online entirely. You can join the webinar at the specified date and time by registerting via the links on the ISEAS – Yusof Ishak Institute website

Receive your unique link for joining the following webinars in the registration links listed below. Limited spaces only, register early to avoid disappointment.

If you have questions for the speakers, please key in your questions via the Q&A, stating your name and affiliation. The moderator will field them to the speakers during the Q&A session.

The topics covered are listed below, please see the website for details of dates and times.

Webinar 1: An Introduction to the AAHP Webinar Series: Art History and Archaeology in Southeast Asia

Webinar 2: Angkor (c. 9th-15th century): People, Monument, City, and Statecraft

Webinar 3: Introduction to Southeast Asian Relief Sculpture & Dress and Textile Representation in Southeast Asia

Webinar 4: Archaeological Evidence of Bagan and Arakan in Early 2nd Millennium AD

Webinar 5: Malay illustrated manuscripts with a focus on images of magic and divination

Webinar 7: Indianisation and Indigenisation of Southeast Asian Hindu and Buddhist Architecture

Webinar 8: Ayutthaya: Urban Networks and Global Connections

Webinar 9: Introduction to Ceramics in Southeast Asia & An Introduction to Buddhist and Hindu Bronze Sculpture in Southeast Asia with a Case Study on Javanese Bronzes (6th-15th century)

Webinar 10: Digging Up Dai Viet’s Glorious Past: An Introduction to Archaeology and Arts of Vietnam

Webinar 11: Discovering Islamic Southeast Asia in the Asian Civilisations Museum Collection

Webinar 12: Journey to The Centre of The World: Introduction to Spice Island Archaeology

Webinar 13: Introduction to Southeast Asian Forms of Mosque Architecture