Burma may not be the only southeast Asian country to shift its capital, if the astrological predictions of Mor Luck prove correct. Mor Luck is a well known Thai astrologer who, I am told, has been very reliable in the past. A video of his recent televised predictions is available on YouTube (thanks to Bystander for the link). Here is a summary transcript of what he had to say. (This is my quick translation of a summary prepared by a colleague in Thailand. No doubt, much has been lost or confused in the translation and I have left out the more technical astrological statements. Any clarifications from New Mandala readers are very welcome.)

Phaya Chakri, the first king of the Ratanakosin era ordered his officials to go and look at land to the east of Thonburi. They found that the land of Bangkok was more elevated and not subject to flooding. So the capital was moved from Thonburi to Bangkok (taking land from Chinese settlers) because this was a better location for trading. The city pillar was erected on 21 April, 2325, so this is the birthday of Thailand.

This year, 2549, Ratanakosin is finished.

In 2475 we had a change in the system of government from the absolute monarch to democracy and the supreme power moved from the King to the constitution.

Bangkok is now a centre of business, but the government is finished. Even though we have a new Prime Minister we don’t yet have a constitution. The beliefs of the country have declined, just like the Ratanakosin period has finished. This is the start of a new era. The stars of the city are not good until August 2550. There will be events such as:

  • Eathquakes.
  • Flooding
  • There will be divisions in the country. We should watch the dams carefully because they may break.
  • I am afraid that drug problems and other types of crime will come back again.

What about the new leader. He was born on the 18th August 2496. He is the 24th Prime Minister of Thailand?

He has the sign of the tiger. He will have a difficult life. Just like on the day he took the position there was flooding and disaster came with his fortune, because a bad star overlapped his. He will have a lot of burdens.

What about the problems in the south?

The problems in the south will be hard to solve.

However, Thailand will move the capital city to Suwanaphum [the location of the new airport], because the King laid a foundation there and he gave it a name. It means the land of gold. It will be the new international transportation centre and centre of business. The day the King laid the foundation was the establishment of the new city. From the 10th of October next year Thailand will be peaceful. The situation in the south will calm because the airport will be operating smoothly and will be recognised internationally.

Are there things that Thai people can do to help the country?

The spirits that protect the country are losing their power. We should perform sacrifices. Because the people don’t make merit for the spirits like they did in the past. When there are no believers they have no power. In the past the villagers would pray for merit for the spirits. But now this has declined a lot. So the spirits don’t have the power to protect the country. We have to have good intentions and spread merit for the sacred things. No matter what our religion we can protect the country.