Some choice quote from around the blogs:

The clear winners in this election: The Thai voters first, then, the People Power Party second, and, The Democrat Party third. The clear losers: the military coup makers. The Thai voters delivered a stinging slap in the generals’ faces and said in a clear message . . . we don’t need you generals telling us what is good for us.

Colonel Jeru

The mere mention of Thaksin’s name is often enough to sway people to vote one way or another. If you hate Thaksin, vote for us; if you love Thaksin, vote for us. None of the political parties should even be able to call themselves political parties – they have few political ideals between them.

Matt Crook

The names of the two most powerful and popular figures in Thailand will not be on the ballots today. Yet the outcome of the election will largely be determined by the one segment of the population which is most loyal to both these men.

Although it could well be argued that the popularity of HM the King is incomparably vaster, the core constituencies of the deposed prime minister and the reigning sovereign overlap considerably.