The average New Mandala reader and commentator shares an ongoing interest in Thai politics and society.

As we gallop towards the 3rd birthday of this blog I was wondering whether there are Thailand-related issues or questions that you want to see on the analytical agenda. Please consider this something of an open invitation to introduce evidence and ideas, and to flag hypotheses and useful speculation.

My intuition, for what it’s worth, is that discussions of Thai politics and society have, since April, moved into uncharted territory where some of the existing analysis is losing its relevance.

It is a time of great uncertainty in the kingdom and my sense, not having been in the country since February, is that unanswered questions abound. Coverage of these questions is limited, somewhat understandably, while we all wait for whatever happens next. But in the meantime, what conversations are going unheard? What questions need to be asked? What do you feel you still don’t understand?

Ideally the comments on this post will provide a fresh opportunity to consider the recent past and what it will mean for Thailand. This is a call for wide-ranging input and I look forward, as we all do, to reading your contributions. Particularly valuable comments may, at our discretion and with the author’s approval, be posted as guest contributions.