In relation to the ongoing discussion of the 10th International Thai Studies Conference there has been some concern expressed about the level of registration fees. A letter from the organisers circulated to some potential participants in Thailand set out surprisingly high registration fees (US$250 for foreign participants; 4800 baht for Thais). Today, however, I have been forwarded the following registration fee details from the organisers:

Early registration fee (by October 31, 2007) is US$ 100 for foreign professionals and students; Baht 2,300 for Thai professionals and Baht 1,000 for Thai students. Registration fee after October 31 is US$ 150, Baht 2,800 and Baht 1,500.

Whatever the merits or otherwise of attending the conference in the current political climate, it is nice to get this issue clarified. We can only hope that the conference website will soon start to take shape. Clichéd images of Thai Culture (and these are very much capital “C” images) are all very well, but some solid detail is sorely needed.