Here is a reminder from the National Thai Studies Centre at the ANU that the next Thai Update is coming up on 29 September. The theme for the conference is “Thailands Constitution and the Continuing Crisis: What Changes are Needed.” I have a few proposals for change (starting with getting the so-called pro-democracy movement to accept that rural people are capable of informed political decisions) but I won’t have a chance to propose them as I will be jetting off to England on 28 September. But stay tuned in to New Mandala and I will soon be posting a radical proposal for consistutional and electoral reform.

From the National Thai Studies Centre:

Just a friendly reminder that the Thailand Update Conference is approaching and that registrations are now open. The theme for the conference this year is ‘Thailand’s Constitution and the Continuing Crisis: What Changes are Needed?’ The conference will take place on the 29th of September in the University House Common Room at The Australian National University. Registration will open at 8:30 and the conference will conclude at 4:45 with cocktails afterwards. There are two ways in which registration may be made. The first is by accessing the registration form at and then faxing, mailing or emailing it to [email protected] The other option is to register online using a link from This online registration is not yet in operation but should be up within the next week.