The events of Saturday 10 April have made the timing of our open seminar on Thailand on the Verge tragically fortuitous. The event will be an opportunity to explore some of the broader social and political implications of the current crisis.

Moderator: Tyrell Haberkorn

Speakers : Nicholas Farrelly, Jane Ferguson, Peter Jackson, Craig Reynolds, Andrew Walker and Peter Warr

Date & Venue: 12:00 –1:30 pm, Wednesday 21 April 2010
Coombs Lecture Theatre, Coombs Building, ANU

verge: 1, to move or tend toward the horizon; to move or extend in some direction or toward some condition; 2, to be in transition or change; 3, to be contiguous; 4, something that borders, limits, or bounds.

Thailand is on the verge: of crisis, of a different future, of the reconsolidation of the old order. Borders open and then rapidly contract. There is unending insurgency and counterinsurgency in southern Thailand. Red and yellow shirt protestors are in the streets. The question of royal succession looms. Violence against migrants grows. Human rights are sliding by the wayside. Law is constantly dismembered and redefined.

Join us for a critical discussion of the past, the present, and possible futures. Short comments from the speakers, then questions and open debate.

For further information, please contact Tyrell Haberkorn [[email protected]] or Andrew Walker [[email protected]]

Note: This event is open to the public. No need to book or RSVP.