Pravit Rojanaphruk is a prominent journalist who has not been shy about dealing with some of the most important issues in recent Thai political history. This week we have all been treated to his take on what some call the “invisible hand”. New Mandala readers will want to digest the full version. There are also some relevant discussions of the article over at Prachatai and at Thai Visa.

In one particualrly notable stanza, Pravit suggests that:

There are many puppets. Their job is to make unconstitutional and unpalatable things acceptable and be rewarded. These flesh and blood puppets do have their own ambitions and interests too, so their relationship with the puppet master, or the invisible hand, isn’t actually that straightforward and smooth, and not always subservient.

There is much food-for-thought in this article. As I have said before: kudos to Pravit and all those who share his journalistic mission.