I have received the following announcement of a new web site:

We wish to announce a new site Political Prisoners in Thailand. It is dedicated to those who are held in Thailand’s prisons, charged with political crimes. It also seeks to raise awareness of the cases of those who are accused of political crimes. Our focus is the contemporary period where political cases revolve around the use of Thailand’s lèse majesté law.

The authors of this blog are friends of Thailand who oppose the jailing of opponents for political reasons and who support free speech. Because this blog will include material that would be banned in Thailand, we choose to remain anonymous. You are receiving this mailing as you have interests in Thailand or Asia.

While the blog does not function with comments, we welcome serious additions to Political Prisoners in Thailand. This can only be done by emailing [email protected] and including your comments. Comments sent to us may be used on the blog. They will be moderated and may be edited prior to posting.