From time-to-time I highlight translations of New Mandala content that has made its way into Thai. The prolific translator known as “chapter 11” has now devoted some time and attention to “Thailand’s royal sub-plot”, an essay that Andrew Walker and I wrote before the crackdown on Red Shirts in Bangkok. First published at Inside Story, our piece got a mention in The Economist, was printed in revised form in this past Saturday’s Canberra Times, and has now made its way into Thai. The Thai-language version is available here as “р╕Бр╕▓р╕гр╕гр╣Ир╕зр╕бр╕зр╕▓р╕Зр╣Бр╕Ьр╕Щр╕Вр╕нр╕Зр╕гр╕▓р╕Кр╕зр╕Зр╕ир╣М”. Many disagree with the argument we make, and with some of the conclusions we draw. A fair overview of those disagreements is represented in these comments. I expect that in its Thai manifestation the argument will also provoke some robust discussion. Thanks to “chapter 11”, everyone has a Thai-language translation (not one that we have signed off on, by the way) to help clarify the article’s general point.