In an investigative breakthrough, Thai authorities have discovered that Thaksin was rich! The Bangkok Post reports:

The Department of Special Investigation on Tuesday charged ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife Potjaman with concealing assets and ordered them to return to Thailand within 10 days to hear the charges in person. … The DSI ordered the pair to appear before the police between June 26 and June 29 next week to acknowledge charges concerning concealment of information on SC Assets Corp Plc, a property investment arm of the family, on June 26-29. … According to information from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Shinawatra family reported that they hold 60.82% of shares in the company, but that percentage excluded their de facto ownership of two nominee companies that held the SC Assets shares, Mr Sunai said. The Shinawatra family owned 9.15% of the offshore Dynamic Fund and 9.90% of the Oversea Growth Fund. Consequently, the family owned 79.87% of the company shares.

The implications of a 79% holding rather than a 60% holding are clearly profound, but the details are well beyond my expertise. If any New Mandala readers can cast light on this case their contribution would be much appreciated.