The Nation, following coverage in The Irrawaddy, is reporting that the influence of a renowned Burmese astrologer has spread beyond the top echelons of the dictatorship. Many of the Burmese Generals, and many of their subjects, are partial to mystical counsel.

According to reports, Caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is using the services of a Burmese mystical advisor who goes by the name ET.

Of course, among Thaksin’s rural base, superstitions are a crucial aspect of social life, village gossip and public performance. That a Prime Minister is using the services of a seer at a volatile political moment would be remarkable in many parts of the world. In Thailand it is less surprising. The high-level influence of seers has much precedent throughout the region, and in Thailand itself.

In the current unpredictable political climate, it seems that anybody (even somebody from Burma) credited with the ability to foretell the future will enjoy an eager clientele among the wealthy and powerful.

In this business, ET is a remarkably savvy brand.