Sometimes I am a bit slow off the mark…just a moment ago I learned that The Nation is reportedly in dire condition. Late last week 2Bangkok ran a short piece announcing that the paper is for sale, and that there are rumours of massive staff cuts and other re-structuring.

In response, Fonzi (of Thailand Jumped the Shark fame) has aired his views:

Well, what can I say. There is a certain feeling of satisfaction when your year and half of blogging is vindicated by the marketplace.

I don’t feel happy that people will lose their jobs, especially those who are in no power to make editorial decisions. The publishers have had a long time to get their act together. They refused. Now some have to pay the piper.

Many New Mandala readers will already know that Fonzi has devoted a huge amount of effort to a one-man campaign against The Nation and, in particular, some of its senior writers and editors. By “deconstructing” their articles, the Fonz has made a name as a critical and combative member of the Thai blog scene. In recent weeks The Bangkok Bugle has also been blogging on the financial (and other) problems in the wider Nation Group. But this is a story that as far as I have seen still hasn’t been picked up in the English or Thai-language media.

So, will Na-chua get through its reported troubles? And if it doesn’t…dare I ask…would NotTheNation take its place? Surely Thailand could do with a satirical periodical in the months and years ahead. Would there be a market for it (ala The Chaser)?