From the Lao News Agency:

Khammuan to build cultural village

Last weekend at Pakpeng village in Thakhek district, Khammuan province, a certificate presentation ceremony was held for 87 cultural families from Pakpeng village, which has 205 families. The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Chief of Thakhek district Mr Khamsing Bouphaseng, Head of Provincial Culture Sector Mr Sansamone Sayvongsa, officials from other districts, the Party Committee of the village group, local authorities and residents. The Deputy Head of Pakpeng village reported on the progress of the socio-economic development plan of the village, which involves Pakpeng village becoming a cultural village. This village has 1,850 ha of agricultural fields and 12 units, with 164 houses for 205 families. The main job of people in the village is animal raising and agriculture, and the village has a production field of about 266 ha, with 136 ha of rice fields, and the capacity to produce 588 tons worth 882 million kip (US$84,000). The cash crop plantation area has 16 ha, with a production capacity of 44 tons per year worth 204 million kip (US$19,429). Many villagers generate a good income from selling handicrafts, such as woven sticky rice baskets, and can weave up to 630 baskets per day, or 19,680 worth 39 million kip (US$3,714) in six months. Recently, four villages in Khammuan province have been declared cultural villages, including Ban Phonsitha in Thakhek district, Ban Tueng in Xebangfay district and Ban Khounngueng in Hinboun district.

What is required, I wonder, to be a “cultural family” or a “cultural village”? I wonder if this chap, who I met in Muang Sing about 10 years ago, would qualify?

Man in Muang Sing