That Effing Show

At last week’s Malaysian student leaders’ forum, its representatives announced that they “wanted to grab the bull by its horns… and have a say in where Malaysia goes as a society and nation.”

And That Effing Show is doing just that. It is one serious piece of comedy.

Here is a group of talented and irreverent young Malaysians (read here) grabbing a number of Malaysian sacred cows and analysing the bull that comes out of Malaysia’s political dung heap.

This show modelled after The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and personalised to suit Malaysian peculiarities, demonstrates how ironic Malaysian politics and society is.

And as noted, nothing at all is sacred to this group of young Malaysians. Here are samples on how the new generation takes a piss (or grabs the bull by its horns) at all that is held “sacred” by Malaysia’s current leadership – on both sides of the aisle.

1. Tok Twitter and That Effing May 13 (view here)

A totally irreverent take on May 13 (I’m surprised these guys are still out and about after this episode) and ageing politicians – including PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz – using new media.

2. UMNO, 40 Ulamas and the Imam Muda reality show (view here)

This segment takes the mickey out of UMNO’s ‘piety’ and its recent overtures to be seen as more “Islamic”. One of the lines the host (Ezra – a Malay Muslim from Kelantan) makes, “The freakin Ayatollah can fart at these guys (UMNO) and they still wont change” demonstrates the depth of cynicism (not to mention the raw humour).

3. De Niro, the Devil and … (view here)

The Effing Show questions the incredulity that one of Hollywood’s A-list (sinner’s paradise), Robert De Niro is coming to Malaysia at the invitation of Malaysia’s most loved First Lady and contrasts it with the advice by Malaysian clerics that Muslims in Malaysia should not wear Manchester United’s jersey as it has the emblem of the Devil. How ironic.

p.s. There is a clip of the First Lady actually signing in this segment.

4. The Brilliance of Bernama and Suara Double Standards (view here)

The Effing Show analyses the double standards in the media regulations in Malaysia.

5. 24, National Service and Patriotism (view here)

Making fun of patriotism – how dare they.

6. GLCs, Sime Darby and PM’s Najib ‘help you, help me” promise (view here)

This is really my personal favourite. That Effing Show’s take on Najib’s corrupt act.

That Effing Show have come under considerable criticism from Muslim conservatives. But with guys like these, there is definitely hope for a better Malaysia.

Note: Several local dialects including different types of English are used in their programmes.