Fact 3. The article makes a cavernous connection between the yellow shirts and the palace. This is a continuing and blatant misconception. It is not only the yellow-shirt leaders who have been trying to legitimise the movement by dragging the monarchy into the fray for its own interest – many parties shamelessly have. The connection made between the yellow shirts, or the shirts of any colour, and the palace is as factually invalid as the argument that a man does not get pregnant because he is taking birth control pills.

– Extracted from Pornpimol Kanchanalak, “Thailand going rogue? A different perspective”, The Nation, 2 May 2011. This is a response to a Wall Street Journal editorial from last week.

Pornpimol’s “Fact 2” is also notable: a clear statement that some members of the Thai military are not committed to protecting the monarchy. Perhaps Pornpimol or somebody else from The Nation could pull together an investigative report based on that intriguing statement. I can guarantee there would be a big audience for such reportage.