Pakatan Rakyat has its Orange Book to tell Malaysians what it will do once it forms Federal government. Prime Minister Najib is attempting to convince Malaysians that his policies are the best for the country.

Then there is the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement with its Peoples Declaration bringing a whole new dimension to what are the demands of the people.

Which of these is best for Malaysia? Have a read and judge yourself.

Barisan Nasional (BN), Malaysia’s ruling party since 1955. BN per say has yet to come out with an election manifesto but the current Prime Minister Najib (President of UMNO and Head of the ruling coalition) has come up with the following long-term plans for the country.

1Malaysia, New Economic Model, the Economic Transformation Programme and the Government Transformation Programme

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has come up with the following election manifesto and plan of action if they take over power at the Federal level at the next general election.

Orange Book (Change Now, Save Malaysia)

The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) has the following as the demands of the Rakyat.

The Peoples Declaration and The Peoples Voice