Senthang su fangfan nayokratthamontri khon thi 27: Aphisit Wetchachiwa (Road to the Dream, the 27th Prime Minister: Abhisit Vejjajiva ) (2009) by Thanomsak Chirayusawat (ISBN: 9789747306484). This modest volume provides an informative coverage of Abhisit’s private and political life. The first half is about his early life in Thailand and the UK, his time at Oxford, and his family life. The second half is about his political career, such as his so-called р╕Ьр╕ер╕Зр╕▓р╕Щр╕Кр╕┤р╣Йр╕Щр╣Вр╕Ър╕зр╣Мр╣Бр╕Фр╕З (‘red ribbon achievements’) while government minister in the 1990s, and culminates with his accession to the primeministership. Here is the table of contents.

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