In the past week Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has issued a series of travel warnings about Burma. Last Friday, Burma was still in the second most “peaceful” category – “Exercise caution”. On Tuesday it was upgraded to “High degree of caution”. The country is now classified in the second highest bracket – “Reconsider your need to travel”. The Thai-Burma border is, as it has been for years, still in the highest category – “Do not travel”.

As of Thursday, 27 September 2007, the Australian government:

…advise[s] you to reconsider your need to travel to Burma at this time because of the uncertain security situation and civil unrest. If you do decide to travel to Burma you should exercise extreme caution and avoid all demonstrations…The security situation could deteriorate with little warning.

Similar warnings have been issued by other governments. The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, for example, “advise[s] against all but essential travel to Burma due to the unsettled political situation”.