The New Mandala discussion of has already generated a number of interesting insights.

Searching for more on the use of this grammatically awkward phrase (of course it makes more sense in Thai as “р╣Ар╕гр╕▓р╕гр╕▒р╕Бр╣Гр╕Щр╕лр╕ер╕зр╕З”) turned up an intriguing fragment.

According to reports, there was an orchestrated campaign to get #weloveking as the top trending topic on twitter to mark the king’s birthday on 5 December 2009. According to one definition this hash tag “is the expression of Thai people showing their wholehearted love and respect to the King of Thailand”. The campaign succeeded through deploying what has been proudly called “massive tag spamming”.

If you are curious about the mechanics of the Thai effort, this write-up clarifies, in more general terms, how to go about getting a phrase to the top of the twitter trends list.

According to the current trends numbers #weloveking has now sunk back into obscurity. Until next time…