Today it is two years since our very first New Mandala post. This is post number 1,254. In June 2006 we had five comments – two of them by Nicholas. So far this month we’ve had 231 comments. We’ve grown, just a bit.

We marked previous milestones by commenting on some of the highlights of New Mandala‘s short life (our 500th post; our first year). This time we would like to hear what our readers have to say. Feel free to join the birthday celebrations by giving us your comments. What have we done well? What have we done badly? Highlights? Lowlights? What would you like to see in the future? What do you never want to see again?

One of our regular readers, Thai historian and commentator on all manner of current affairs, Chris Baker has set the birthday ball rolling with these thoughts:

Two years? Somehow it feels that NM has always been around, and that’s intended as a big compliment. Clearly, it takes a lot more time and effort than it looks. Sympathies to all the beloveds and dependents who suffer for this mission. But it’s worth it. NM is a forum you don’t realize could be so interesting until it pops into existence. Congratulations to N and A. Keep it ragged. Stay out of jail.

Thanks Chris!

So, lets get some other comments rolling in. You don’t have to be positive. As you can see, we’re big boys and we can take it!