The Prime Minister of Malaysia recently announced the setting-up of the Institute of Wasatiyyah at the recently concluded Global Movement of Moderates conference. The institute and the movement – brainchild of the PM – is to promote moderation globally.

Most Malaysians are of the opinion that Mr. Najib Razak is a hypocrite. After all, if he was sincere, he would promote moderation in Malaysia. Instead his tenure has seen an unprecedented surge in racial and religious strife that most Malaysians believe are emanating from him.

The disruption of this town hall meeting, ostensibly by UMNO supported thugs who specifically targeted Malaysian Indians is a tried and tested method by UMNO to intimidate, especially minority groups but also Malay Muslims, into supporting UMNO.

But this time, UMNO may have got its strategy wrong. HINDRAF and the Anything But UMNO (ABU) movement (a coalition of political parties and civil society movements) have vowed to continue their roadshow to promote the ABU campaign geared towards removing UMNO at the next general election.

The timing of the mob attack was perfect. It came just days after the Global Movement of Moderates conference ended, just like the decision to appeal against Anwar Ibrahim’s verdict.

Will Najib Razak, in his attempt to hold on to power, allow Malaysia to go over the edge or can Malaysians put a stop to this?

Watch out for Malaysia as the Year of the Water Dragon is definitely going to be an exciting one.

[There are several videos of the incident on cyberspace. Watch another video of the mobs HERE. Despite all these evidence, the police chief of the state where this incident happened (Selangor) has dismissed that such an event occurred. Only in Malaysia.]