From the UNDP:

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security released Thailand’s 2009 Human Development Report today. The report, entitled ‘Human Security, Today and Tomorrow’ casts a spotlight on the state of human security in Thailand from multiple perspectives. The analysis in the report covers economic security, political security, environmental security, health security, personal security and food security.

By selecting human security as the theme of the report, UNDP has been able to examine a wide spectrum of issues related to human development. The report draws attention to old risks and threats, such as the degradation of the country’s natural resources and the workforce that remains uncovered by a social safety net. It also identifies new risks and threats that have arisen over time. In short, the report covers a wide range of topics and priorities, including old problems that have existed for many years, and new issues that have emerged alongside the significant changes that have occurred in the country’s economy, society and position in the world.

Over the next week or so I will prepare some posts on the content of the report. Here is a teaser from page 78 (click for a larger image). Can you guess which party is Party 1?