In Buriram, The Nation reports that a complaint has been made:

Five local activists, including failed electoral candidates, Thursday filed a complaint calling for police to launch a probe into alleged offending remarks against the monarchy made by ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra.

The activists cited a transcript of Thaksin’s interview released by the cable news station CNN on Wednesday as evidence.

They said Thaksin’s remarks could be construed as a vengeful vendetta aimed at the King.

The five are Srimuang Watanacheep, Krichthep Upachan, Sanoh Phromsawat, Amnaj Chanmontri and Krai Praroonrum.

Lt Colonel Sanong Wankhot, duty officer of the Muang police station, acknowledged the complaint and would forward it to the headquarters of Royal Thai Police for review.