VIDEO: Entrenched Illiberalism in Mainland Southeast Asia

Editors’ Note: these videos were recorded at the Entrenched Illiberalism in Mainland Southeast Asia conference hosted by the Australian National University on 8–9 April 2019. You can get more details about the conference here.

“Illiberalism and Elections”

Leena Rikkilä Tamang (Chair) | Chit Win | Prajak Kongkirati | Kimly Ngoun | Sunai Pasuk

“Conservative Myanmar?”

Nicholas Farrelly (Chair) | Melissa Crouch | Khin Zaw Win | Chit Win | Costas Laoutides

“Buddhism and Politics”

Craig Reynolds (Chair) | Chris Baker | Myat Thet Thitsar | Ou Virak

“Democratic Thailand?”

Greg Raymond (Chair) | Aim Sinpeng | Prajak Kongkirati | Kevin Hewison | Naruemon Thabchumpon

“Illiberal Civil Society”

Rebecca Gidley (Chair) | Naruemon Thabcumpon | Kevin Hewison | Ou Virak

Closing discussion: “Entrenched Illiberalism in Mainland Southeast Asia?”

Nicholas Cheesman (Chair) | Pasuk Phongpaichit | Khin Zaw Win | Sango Mahanty | Björn Dressel

Democracy’s challenges

Old dominance, new dominoes in Southeast Asia

Democracy in the region finds itself in dark days. Can anything save it?

Wielding the purse strings of Southeast Asian civil society

Illiberalism at home, and pro-market ideologies abroad, are putting pressure on Southeast Asian civil society organisations' financial health.

Rethinking Southeast Asian civil society

It’s past time for us to ditch simplistic ideas of “civil society” and its relationship with democracy in the region.

Why Thailand’s generals fail to co-opt elections

History and electoral reality suggest that the 2019 elections will deliver another “wasted coup”.

Where in the world is Cambodia?

The international community needs to take seriously the scepticism of many Cambodians about its intentions.

What should the region do about Cambodia’s crackdown?

A discussion on how Australia, ASEAN, and the world might support democracy and human rights in Cambodia.