New Mandala readers who followed the old conversations about foreign fighters in Burma may remember Antonio Graceffo. Among other contributions, he once penned a profile of the much-discussed KNLA supporter Thomas Bleming. Graceffo has also made a large number of freely available videos based on time spent with the Shan State Army – South. They are very interesting viewing.

According to The Morung Express, Graceffo is now subject to some Burmese government attention, although the precise nature of their interest is unclear. The details cited in the Express article are available here (in Burmese).

Do any readers know more about this?

Regardless of whether there are, in fact, moves against him, Graceffo is, by the sound of it, unperturbed. And, as his website notes, for his next adventures he wants to “study wrestling and horsemanship in Inner Mongolia, go de-mining in Cambodia, and study in a Madrasa in Pakistan”. Some extra attention from the Burmese authorities looks like it won’t get in the way of this particularly adventurous external destructive element.