With an end to the most recent violence, and some semblance of calm returning to the streets of central Bangkok, many are now asking what next for Thailand?

Please consider this open thread an opportunity to introduce ideas and analysis about issues that you feel are important to the future of the country.

One way to get the most value from such an effort would be for commentators to focus on an issue that they know much about. Many subject matter specialists visit New Mandala and it would be wonderful if you could add some of your expertise. Understandably, many topics of long-term importance have been largely ignored in the rush to comprehend recent events. Working together we can, perhaps, help to broaden the range of topics that are being discussed.

Here’s an eclectic selection of longer-term questions that spring to mind:

  • What next for the Thai military?
  • What next for the Democrat Party?
  • What next for lese majeste prosecutions?
  • What next for Thailand’s education system?
  • What next for the privy council?
  • What next for the families of those who have been killed and injured in recent political violence?
  • What next for former Prime Minister Thaksin?
  • What next for Thai “republican” attitudes?
  • What next for General Anupong?
  • What next for the Thai police?
  • What next for the ideas that surround “nation, religion and king”?
  • What next for memories of political violence and social conflict?
  • What next for Thai youth?
  • What next for Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn?
  • What next for Thai foreign policy?
  • What next for non-violence in Thai society?
  • What next for the Thai economy?
  • What next for Issan?
  • What next for Newin Chidchob?
  • What next for talk about “elites” and “commoners” in Thailand?
  • What next for Thai Buddhism?
  • What next for ASEAN?
  • What next for the conflict in the southern-most provinces?
  • What next for Thailand’s human rights organisations?
  • What next for Thailand-Cambodia relations?
  • What next for the Centre for the Resolution of Emergency Situations?
  • What next for the Thai parliamentary system?
  • What next for the Red shirt “hardliners”?
  • What next for academic research about Thailand?
  • What next for Thailand’s paramilitary groups (Thahan Phran, Or Sor, etc)?
  • What next for the Thai media?

But, of course, there are countless other questions worth asking too. Please feel free to add your own suggestions. We all look forward to learning from your comments.