A few months ago the blog operated by prolific commentator Colonel Jeru (also known as Jeroo) went offline and it has not returned. It used to be available here. And he hasn’t been on New Mandala for months. Do any readers know what happened to the Colonel?

In one of his last comments on New Mandala he characteristically argued that:

If Andrew Walker can vote, I am almost certain he will vote for PPP knowing Andrew’s softness to the Reds and his disdain of the yellows (which Andrew presumes to be everybody else’s). Fonzi, that ThailandJumpedtheShark, and, I suspect BangkokPundit (who had been giving his rah rah and more rahs for a PPP-ChartThai coalition) too, will vote Samak-Chalerm party.

Republican is definitely a hardcore Thaksin sympathizer and will vote for Chalerm.

His special brand of bombastic comment is missed by many.