Regular readers of NewMandala (I am sure there are some!) will have noticed that Nich Farrelly has gone missing. Earlier this month he was sighted diligently blogging in northern Thailand.


But since then he has gone very quiet. No more blogs on Bangkok nightlife, McDonalds or the popularity of yellow shirts. He was last seen boarding a songthaew bound for Chiang Mai. The driver was clearly committed to Thaksin’s Thai Rak Thai.


So perhaps Nich has been recruited as a Thaksin canvasser and let loose in the north armed with a swag of populist policies. Or perhaps he let his Democrat inclinations slip (a product, I understand, of a high-school stint in Thailand’s south) and was abandoned on a remote country road… In fact he is currently undertaking field research well beyond the reach of internet and mobile phones. I am confident that he will emerge in due course with many tales to tell. I’ll keep you posted.