Women at the Water’s Edge: lives of women in a climate changed world

In this film, Professor Kuntala Lahiri-Dutt takes the viewers to a uniquely aqueous part of India, the Sundarbans, where she has been studying the everyday lives of women living in remote chars, or river islands. The water/landscapes seen in the film are located at the very edge of Bengal Delta, where the effects of a changing climate are unmistakably apparent here and now: the sea is moving in closer to eat the land that the rivers had built, turning the fresh water ponds and agricultural farms into saline wastelands and destroying homes. The film shows how (and why) women in these villages are more adversely affected by these changes, and how women rise up to the challenges in order to survive.

Welcoming ‘Near West’ to New Mandala

New Mandala will be home to a South Asia guest section in the lead up to India's general elections.