Ambiga Hillary Michelle

In a public inquiry organised by Malaysia’s Human Rights Commission on the 9 July 2011 Bersih rally, Ms. Ambiga Sreenevasan reported that the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Najib Razak, who leads the Global Movement of Moderates, made the following statements:

I believe, if there are evil enemies who want to attack the country from without and within, ‘anak-anak lincah’ will rise to fight them.

Who doesn’t know Ambiga. She’s the one who threatened Islam. And below her is Mat Sabu.

The far right ethno-racial organisation – PERKASA – who has former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad as its patron went to the extent of not only burning pictures of her, but distributing leaflets stating:

Awas! Ambiga wanita Hindu berbahaya

Ironically, to the majority of Malaysians and the international community she is neither a dangerous woman nor the enemy of Islam. Instead, she is viewed as a courageous human rights advocate who led Malaysia’s electoral reform movement Bersih 2.0. Ms. Sreenevasan is the immediate past chair of Bersih 2.0 – the movement for free and fair elections in Malaysia; and has won numerous international awards for her pro-bono work on human rights issues.

This reluctant symbol of what individual Malaysians can do to advocate reforms will be in Melbourne.

The following activities have been organised.

Forums and workshops

  • Public forum with Ambiga on Saturday, 4 October, 9:30AM – 12PM at Monash Clayton, Rotunda R5, Building 8, Monash University, Wellington Road, Clayton
  • Public forum with Ambiga on Saturday, 4 October, 5PM – 8PM at University of Melbourne, Room G08, Building 106, 185 Pelham St, Carlton
  • Student workshop on democracy (registration required) on Sunday, 5 October, 9:30AM – 12:30PM at University of Melbourne, Room G08, Building 106, 185 Pelham St, Carlton
    To register, email [email protected] (include name, university, course and year level).

Dinner with Ambiga

There will also be a small fund raising dinner with Ambiga at Penang Laksa House, 482 Springvale Rd, Forest Hill VIC 3131 on Sunday, 5th October. It is at $50 per person.

The Facebook page:

New Mandala readers in the Melbourne area may be interested in some of these activities, or to simply meet a very dangerous Malaysian Hindu woman.