The Bangkok Night is so vast and diverse, spread across so many different districts of this gigantic Asian metropolis with so many bars, clubs, lounges, discos, KTVs, snooker places, “Entertainment Complexes,” music venues, street stalls, night markets, “special services” massage places, cinemas and shopping centers, from tiny to huge, from low-end and very cheap to high-end and very expensive, that it is actually impossible for any one person to physically know the sum total of what’s there. … Young, old, rich, poor, good, bad, stylish, successful and wretched all thrown on stage together. Light them up with billions of twinkly lights, millions of neon signs, endless music tracks, extreme diversity of character, faces, costumes, an endless supply of instantly available spicy food, sex and general all-around “monkey business,” and you end up with a bewildering and overwhelming chaos of colliding humanity and activity almost impossible for any one person to comprehend.

But you can try to comprehend by reading more here or, if you are in Thailand, visiting this.