Over the past year, Andrew and I have utilised all manner of content in our mission to provide anecdote, analysis and new perspectives on mainland Southeast Asia. Today that effort moves in a slightly new direction as I begin experimenting with the possible integration of material captured by New Mandala‘s newly acquired video capabilities.

To re-activate the somewhat dormant Yunnan Fringe feature (which will receive a number of new posts in coming days) I am now exploring the various options for uploading video to New Mandala. This remains a nascent enterprise.

Just to begin, I have uploaded a short clip from my recent visit to far western Yunnan, where I went right to the Burmese border.

Today’s minute long video shows the band in the middle of a Jingpo Manau ground, singing a traditional Manau song, as up to a thousand people dance around them. I have quite a few hours of very interesting footage from my time in Yunnan and hopefully some of this material can be integrated into New Mandala over the coming weeks.

Please do let me know if there are any technical problems with this video. As always, your feedback is very welcome – I can receive your e-mails here.