5. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “Unrepayable” គ្មានអ្វីតបស្នង

People furthermore composed poetry to share words of advice, encouragement, and appeals to take the peace process seriously in an accessible and engaging manner. The following is an excerpt from a poem titled “Unrepayable”.

I. រសជាតិសព្វយ៉ាង           មាននៅភស្តុតាង
ក្នុងចិត្តច្រើនណាស់          ប្រៃ ល្វីង ជូរចត់
យើងបានស្គាល់ច្បាស់       ឯណាល្អល្អះ

II. កុំឲ្យវាជ្រុល          រួមកសាងជាតិ
កុំនាំគ្នាជល់            អោយឳរវល់

I. All types of lived experiences
Which have remained
Fresh in our mind
Salty, sour, and bitter
We know them well
[We know] the ones that are ideal
And the ones that are poisonous.

II. Before it is too late
[We] unite to build the nation
[We] stop fighting
Which causes distraction
And mistrust.

Text, selection, and summaries of poems: Katrin Travouillon

Translation of selected passages: Thun Theara

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