Articles by Amrita Malhi

Flipping the SCRIPT: Anwar seeks to repair his nation in postnormal times

The opposition leader's new book is a pitch to lead Malaysians as they set out together to repair their social fabric.

National harmony: race, politics and campaigning in Malaysia

A new report analyses debates around social cohesion and a failed proposal for a National Harmony Commission in Malaysia in light of Pakatan Harapan's collapse

Financial scandals and foreign affairs

1MDB is a Malaysian problem with reach in Australia, writes Amrita Malhi.

Social cohesion and scandal cycles in Malaysia

Mahathir on the divisions tearing a country, the opposition and politics apart.

Mahathir and Malaysia’s money politics

In a country where cash is king, soon nothing will happen without bribery, alleges former PM.

Mahathir prepares for Najib confrontation

Malaysian politics braces for a clash of the titans.

A pressing concern

Amrita Malhi examines what's behind the expulsion of Australian media from Malaysia.

Najib and Malaysia’s road to redemption?

There could be even darker times ahead for Malaysia's democracy, writes Amrita Malhi.

How would a foreign worker vote, anyway?

You look at the soldiers. Where the soldiers go, the government goes too. Soldiers change, government changes. Soldiers don't change, government does not change

Brickfields in the Najib corner?

Once led by two brothers, HINDRAF is now split and neutralised. One brother, now claims to support BN; while the other faces impending arrest.