Articles by TF Rhoden

Liveblog: Thailand’s irregular election, election irregularities

After five years of military rule, Thailand heads to the polling booths. Follow for live updates.

Tribute to Daniel H. Unger

T. F. Rhoden reflects on his acclaimed scholarship and ever inquisitive mind

Death of a monarch or an oligarch?

Thailand's game of thrones is also a game of gold.

Who would voters with no votes vote for?

Extending absentee suffrage for Myanmar’s citizens abroad.

Millennia-long histories and Burmese migrations into Thailand

It’s time to take a longer view on a complex issue, writes TF Rhoden.

Myanmar needs to forgive tax dodgers

A tax transparency amnesty will help the country's political and economic reform.

Thailand’s oligarchs are fighting

T. F. Rhoden worries that fighting idiots have permanently implanted themselves atop a fledgling liberal democracy