Articles by James L Taylor

Division and unity: anticipating the regime’s response to Thailand’s protests

Pro-democracy groups have taken to the streets in the past, only to see agents provocateurs and royalist reactionaries mobilised to generate confrontation and violence.

What’s behind the “purging” of the Thai sangha?

The reasons behind several recent demotions and arrests of high-ranking Bangkok monks are more politically conniving than simply an attempt to “purify" the sangha.

A response to the Thai government

James L Taylor offers a counter view to Thailand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thailand’s black hole: a Deleuzian take

Mourning and micro-fascisms in Thailand.

Decades of dominance and a junta’s demise

Thailand referendum installs military for the long haul, opens door for their downfall?

Alice in Juntaland and autocracy in Thailand

Thailand slides further towards fascism, writes James L Taylor.

The trouble with Thailand’s new democracy

Anti-junta movement needs to expand in order to dismantle dictatorship, writes Jim Taylor.

A state of madness

The insidious creep of fascism in contemporary Thailand.