Alia Swastika is a curator and researcher based in Yogyakarta. She is the Director of Jogja Biennale Foundation where she was the curator for Jogja Biennale Equator Series #1 Shadow Lines: Indonesia Meets India (2011) and became the Biennale Director in 2015. Alia was also co-artistic Director of The 9th Gwangju Biennale: ROUNDTABLE (2012). She has curated international exhibitions including: The Past The Forgotten Time (Amsterdam, Jakarta, Semarang, Shanghai, Singapore, 2007-2008), Manifesto: The New Aesthetic of Seven Indonesian Artists (Singapore, 2010), Indonesian in Marker, Art Dubai (2012), and most recently, the Europalia Festival focus on Indonesia: Contemporary Art Projects (2017). Her book on female artists during New Order was published in 2019 with research funded by Ford Foundation.