Professor Evelyn Goh is the Shedden Professor of Strategic Policy Studies at the Australian National University, where she is also Research Director at the Strategic & Defence Studies Centre. She has published widely on U.S.-China relations and diplomatic history, regional security order in East Asia, Southeast Asian strategies towards great powers, and environmental security. Her most recent edited volume is 'Rising China’s Influence in Developing Asia' (Oxford University Press, 2016), and her latest book (co-authored with Barry Buzan) is 'Re-thinking Sino-Japanese Alienation: History Problems and Historical Opportunities' (Oxford University Press, 2020).

Nan Liu is a research officer for the SEARBO project. She received her Master of Business Information Systems from the Australian National University’s College of Business and Economics, and her Bachelor of Economics and Finance from the University of Hong Kong. She is experienced in conducting both quantitative and qualitative research in the fields of economics and strategic studies.