Gary Rynhart has worked with and in the UN system for nearly twenty years. He has developed and ran programmes to support the private sector in social risk assessment, mitigation and management across Africa, Asia and the Middle East. He is Co-chair of the ILO/GiZ Development group on private sector development in Fragile States.

He has authored the following recent publications : The Role of the Social Partners in the Nepal Peace Process (ILO 2019); Multinational enterprise investment in conflict-affected zones in Southeast Asia (ILO 2017); Enterprise creation, employment & decent work for peace and resilience: The role of business and employer membership organizations in conflict zones in Asia (ILO 2016) and ASEAN in transformation: how technology is changing jobs and enterprises (2016).

He recently published a book on how the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (New Internationalist 2020). Working for the UN, he has been based in Geneva, Beirut, Bangkok and Pretoria. He currently lives in South Africa.