Currently working as Oxfam’s Research and Communications Adviser, Dustin is passionate about doing things differently to better challenge structures of inequity and injustice, particularly giving primacy to national ownership and the voices of those most affected by injustice. Possessing an academic background in philosophy, politics and development studies, including a Masters from Cambridge, so that he could drop it into bios like this, Dustin has primarily worked in South East Asia, Central Asia and East Africa, across various thematic areas, such as gender equity, displacement and youth development.

Hkinjawng Naw (Laser) is a development practitioner working closely with civil society and communities in Kachin, particularly IDPs, to support peace and development. Through various writing, Hkinjawng Naw (Laser) hopes to raise greater awareness of the challenges people in Kachin face and encourage people to take action for justice in Kachin.