Izzan Fathurrahman is a Master of Science (M.Sc) candidate in Development Studies at Lund University, Sweden, through LPDP Scholarship. Professionally, he is a development researcher and practitioner whose area of expertise includes research, political science and policy analysis. He is a former Research Associate in Reality Check Approach + (RCA+) Project at Palladium International and was involved in research commissioned by the World Bank, UNICEF, etc. He is also a former Expert Staff Assistant at the Directorate General of Development of Underdeveloped Regions, Ministry of Village, Development of Underdeveloped Regions and Transmigration, Republic of Indonesia. He received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Indonesia with a specialisation in comparative politics. Currently, he is focusing on his Master's while actively participating in the Indonesian Student Association (PPI) Swedia as Program Coordinator. Izzan can be reached through his email [email protected] or instagram @izzan_fth.