Dili-based Dadolin Murak has emerged as the voice of the post-independence generation and a leading figure in the development of a growing Tetun language literature. As well as many short stories and poems Dadolin Murak has recently published two volumes of poetry, Who is this Woman to You (Se mak Feto ba O), and Referendum Candle (Lilin Referendu).

Dr Michael Rose is a research Fellow at the ANU's Development Policy Centre. He is an anthropologist with a PhD from the ANU, and a background working various jobs in policy, agriculture, international development and education throughout Eurasia and Australia. His current focus is the Timorese diaspora in Australia, but his interests include the development anthropology, narrative/experimental ethnography, Austronesian religions and languages, indigenous perspectives on health and healing, globalisation’s social impact and urban-rural movement in Southeast Asia. Though he has published mostly on Timor-Leste, his recent adventures have brought him into contact with areas as diverse as agriculture in India and gene technology regulation, and he is always delighted to hear about new opportunities and projects.