Paul Kenny is Professor in the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences at the Australian Catholic University. He specialises in political economy and comparative politics. He received his PhD in political science from Yale University and has degrees in economics and political economy from Trinity College Dublin and the London School of Economics. Prior to joining the ACU, Professor Kenny worked at the Australian National University, where he was Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Political and Social Change.

Eve Warburton received her PhD from the Australian National University’s Coral Bell School of Asia and Pacific Affairs. Her doctoral dissertation examined the political economy of resource nationalism, and in particular the role that domestic firms play in shaping nationalist policy trajectories. She is now finalising a book manuscript based on her dissertation, Reclaiming What’s Ours: A Political Economy of Resource Nationalism in Indonesia. Eve’s broader research interests include identity, representation, and the political economy of policymaking in young democracies. Her work focuses primarily on Asia, and especially Indonesia.