Supriansyah is a researcher at Kindai Institute, Banjarmasin. He is an alumni of the Al-Mujahidin Islamic Boarding School, Marabahan, South Kalimatan. He completed a bachelor's degree at Antasari State Institute for Islamic Studies, Banjarmasin, majoring in Aqidah and Philosophy. Among his research projects are "Melacak Jejak Literasi Di Tanah Banjar (Tracking the Literacy Traces in Tanah Banjar)" with Desantara and "Literatur Keislaman di Kalangan Anak Muda Millenial (Islamic Literature Among Millennial Youth)" with PUSPIDEP UIN Sunan Kalijaga and CONVEY as an assistant. He frequently writes as a regular columnist on and freelance writers on online websites. His research interests include Islamic thought, cultural studies, pop culture and Muslim societies. He can be reached at [email protected]