The Evan Williams documentary, “Burma: State of Fear“, will be broadcast in the US on Tuesday, 31 October, at 9 pm ET on PBS. My investigations suggest that this is the American version of the program titled “Burma’s Secret War” that was shown in Britain in early October. Some weeks ago, I posted a lengthy review which highlights some of the issues in that documentary that may particularly interest New Mandala readers. Good footage of events in Burma is, of course, notoriously difficult to come by.

For New Mandala readers in the US, this is a great opportunity to see a brave journalistic effort to shine some light on the country’s nightmare. I am very keen to hear from any US-based readers who would like to post a review of the documentary on New Mandala. If your take differs from my analysis of the version screened in Britain then that would be ideal!

Thanks to Kent for the information.