Asia-Pacific Affairs

Risk and imagination in the Trump era

How Australia can keep afloat as Trump torpedoes global order.

US vs them

What a Trump presidency means for peace and stability in our region.

The east is red

Why Southeast Asia is now firmly in the grip of China.

Travels with Des Ball

Former student Cam Hawker reflects on his time in Southeast Asia with acclaimed scholar Des Ball.

Professor Des Ball AO: the insurgent intellectual

Nicholas Farrelly pays tribute to one of the world's leading strategic studies scholars.

ANU to remember Des Ball

New Mandala invites readers to celebrate the life and career of an extraordinary scholar.

The geopolitics of Pokémon GO in Asia

Danielle Cave looks at how a viral mobile video game reflects regional tensions.

Afraid new world

Why the world should be wary of a weary superpower under new management.

President Trump and Southeast Asia

The United States' engagement with Southeast Asia could soon be over, writes Tom Pepinsky.

With Trump, Beijing trumps Washington

Why a Trump presidency is a major setback for US-Southeast Asia ties.

Girt by sea

Australia’s limited choices in the South China Sea.

Professor, speak up and make a difference

The crucial role that academics need to play in speaking truth to troubling political power.

A shroud of violence in the Philippines

Why does Filipino society paradoxically accept violent means to contain violence?

How Australia Plus became Australia minus

Australia’s television service for the Asia Pacific is a turn off.

Australia offline in an online world

Time to position Australia as a digital player.

The go-to site on Southeast Asia

Peter Drysdale, co-founder of East Asia Forum reflects on New Mandala's first decade.

Doing old academia with new media

New Mandala team to deliver new practicum course.

Tackling the region’s policy challenges

New issue of Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies available for free now.

Spy planes and Singapore

Sino-US tensions increase amid Poseidon spy plane deployment in Singapore.

Australia’s diplomatic trade-off

Leadership and vision lacking on strategic Asia issues, writes Donna Baker.

ASEAN’s community moving in circles

Regional organisation continues to stumble in its quest for further integration.

Sea folly and US-China relations

Provocative patrols no way to turn the tide in contested South China Sea.

People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy sailors. Photo: Wikimedia commons

Challenging China and preserving order

Beijing’s moves in the South China Sea need to be met with an assertive ‘costs imposing’ strategy.