Future Forum Cambodia

Cambodia’s 1991 Paris Peace Agreements: Thirty years of contested commemoration

Stakeholders commemorate the same history, but they have different interpretations.

Maintaining the legacy of human and civic rights: 30 years after the PPA

Both civil society and the government have roles in educating people about the law, its implementations, and their legal rights.

The PPA: Enabling Foreign Investment in Cambodia

The restoration of peace under the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) earned trust from foreign investors.

The United Nations Peacekeeping Troops: a mixed legacy

Cambodia has gone from requiring peacekeepers to contributing more than 7,000 troops specialising in de-mining and engineering.

Podcast 2. UNTAC Radio: Airwaves of Hope វិទ្យុអ៊ុនតាក់៖ រលកសំឡេងនៃក្ដីសង្ឃឹម

This podcast examines the role Radio UNTAC in informing millions of Cambodians en route to casting their ballot in the much-anticipated 1993 election

Podcast 1. Guiding a transition to democracy: mission impossible?

Dive deep into archives of the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia and its UNTAC Radio.

6. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “A song request” សំណូមពរបទចម្រៀង

Many sent music wishes to Radio UNTAC to connect with family members and friends.

5. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “Unrepayable” គ្មានអ្វីតបស្នង

All types of lived experiences, which have remained, fresh in our mind, salty, sour, and bitter...

3. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “The Boundary of Our Rights” សិទ្ធិមានត្រឹមណា

People shared words of advice, encouragement, and appeals to take the peace process seriously.

2. Radio UNTAC: “The authority of the police” មហិទ្ធិរិទ្ធប៉ូលីស

Others express their hopes for the future or emphasise the importance of a different political system.

1. Radio UNTAC: a minute for poems “The secret vote” បោះឆ្នោតសម្ងាត់

People from various provinces in the country sent letters with poems and essays to Radio UNTAC.