Perhaps the saddest sight in all this is the Democrat Party. So many of their core constituents support the PAD that any dissent by the Democrats would be electoral suicide, but now they are hitched to the baggage train of a movement that claims the right to use violence and overrule law in order to overthrow an elected government. They are being dragged along at the back, shedding principles and scruples behind them like a litter of plastic bottles

Talk of reconciliation is so much air. There is nothing to reconcile about. In this drama the puppets can only shout, clap, fight and get hurt. The solution lies with the puppet-masters, meaning Thaksin and the anti-Thaksin forces behind the PAD. They are truly responsible for the loss and pain. Both sides.

– Extracted from Chang Noi, “The fatal logic of the latest October tragedy?”, The Nation, 13 October 2008.